Our Products

Your best choice for AB glue dispenser machine, Complete variety for one part and two component glue dispensing systems, Including Full automatic gluing machine, Semi automatic glue dispensing equipment, Vacuum 2 part epoxy dispensing equipment, Production line conveying epoxy dispensing machine and etc.

Why Choosing Daheng

Why Our Consulting

With Over 16 years experience in precise adhesive dispensing system, we served customers in various Industries.

Core Technology

We are pioneer in the world inventing plunger pump, with features of high precision, variable, continuous glue output and long life time span.

Customized services

We are big enough to design whole production line, we are small enough to fast changing parts of machine per customer's requirement.


Years Experience




Winning Awards


Satisfied Customers

About Daheng

D&H is a company who has its own core tech and provides professional glue controlling solutions in the industry.

What We Do?

We are specializing in automatic glue dispensing and two-componet glue potting machines since 2005. We provide glue control solution for customers.ple
  • Professional desgin scheme
  • Business Growth
  • Performance
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Customer Insights

Our Partners

We have 16 years glue potting experience , welcome to contact us !

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